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Random files
Jayne Adkins - Books for Schools in Ghana Shipment.Thomas and Jayne during the collection of boxes of books donated by Lilliput CE First School in Poole for some schools in Ghana.
ADF Project - Atokor (Volta Region)Ghana door to door is proud to be the official shipping partner for this wonderful project. This vocational institute will provide the basic skills for young people.
Opening Ceremony - ADF Project Shipping Thomas - Director Ghana door to door was invited at the opening ceremony of the ADF Vocational Institute at Atokor - Volta Region - Ghana. Project materials and equipment was shipped and delivered by Ghana door to door shipping
Commercial ShippingCollection of commercial goods to be shipped and deliver to door for our customer in Accra. Just call 01189547999 to get a quote if you have any corporate or commercial shipment.

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